Alchemy School


The Damanhurian School of Alchemy offers Tools and Activations
to help its students re-awaken their Divine parts
through the use of their Inner Senses and Subtle Organs.
Did you know that the body is the most advanced Alchemical Laboratory? Discover how to use it to create emotions and other substances that will allow you to influence yourself and to change the reality around you


The School of Alchemy offers a path of knowledge focused on a particular field – the “Alchemy of the Living Forces” – in which the manipulation of different substances takes place in the Atanor (the physical body), which is considered to be the holistic result of an extraordinary complexity: an exceptional combination of physical, emotional and subtle energies.

The Energies and the Substances consumed and employed outside of you are always considered to be alive. In our Damanurian approach this outer manipulation also results in an inner transformation.

Your journey will begin with an exploration of your potential and your ability to control it. The result of this is considered to be alchemical gold: the awakening of your divine spark.

With our unique approach you will receive Tools and Knowledge to help you discover techniques and personal rituals that, if used conscientiously, will lead you to refine and express your magical potential.

Here’s a list of some of the topics you will explore:

  • How to discover and control your physical and subtle bodies
  • How to use your Outer and Inner Senses
  • How to create emotions and use them as substances
  • Time as an Alchemical Element
  • How to create and use Magic Tools
  • How to interact with the entities that inhabit different subtle planes of existence
  • How to establish a connection with the Elements
  • How to use magical geometries
    Psychic Patterns
  • Different Rituals and traditions

An Alchemist is an eclectic artist who aspires to achieve completeness in every aspect of their life.
Through this path you will also learn how the Social Life and Art are connected to Alchemy.
This, and much more, will lead you to create important “Potions”. And of course, all of this will take place in the Alchemical Laboratory that you will build.


The School of Damanhurian Alchemy is a 3-year training program.

The first year consists of four online weekends plus a final in-person retreat in Damanhur.

The first online weekend, February 12/13, 2022, is dedicated to the introductory course to Damanhurian Alchemy with the general presentation of the entire three-year course of the School.

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First Day


  • History of Alchemy - Modern Alchemy
  • Alchemy of dull forces and alchemy of living forces
  • The body as an alchemical laboratory
  • The Sounds of power and emotions in Alchemy
  • The dream in alchemy

Second Day


  • The Alchemical Elements
  • The 3 laws of Magic
  • The body as an alchemical laboratory
  • The creation of the potions


The course consists of 12 hours of learning distributed in two meetings:
Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 10 pm CET (15.00 – 22.00)
Breack time : from 6 pm to 7 pm CET (18.00 – 19.00)

Meetings are held either in-person at Damanhur’s course rooms, or online via Zoom, so you will need to install Zoom on your computer or phone. A link to access the course will be emailed the day before each meeting.

Zoom is a free platform for online gatherings.

You can download it here.


Condor Girasole

Condor Girasole is one of the original founders of Damanhur. In 1979 with Falco Tarassaco and 12 other companions he helped to build the foundations of the community. Condor is an experienced pranotherapist and he’s one of the Sages of Damanhur. For many years he’s travelled around Italy to promote and share Damanhur’s philosophy through courses and conferences. Condor has also written several books that collect and contain Falco’s teachings about different fields, such as Spirituality, Magic and Esoterism. He’s the researcher and creator of “The path to awaken the Adonajbas”- an important sphere of the Damanhurian School. In Alchemy his field of research and his teachings are focused on Time and on the connection between Alchemy and the subtle structure of the human body.

Ragno Lattuga

Ragno Lattuga has lived in the Spiritual Community of Damanhur for over 22 years. He’s undertaken various training paths about different topics, such as Spiritual Healing and several different branches of Alchemy. He’s been teaching Theurgic Magic for over twenty years and he’s part of the Way of the Oracle - a Damanhurian field connected to the Art of Divination. He is the co-creator and the director of the School of Alchemy and Rituality. In Alchemy his field of research and his teachings are focused on: Temporal Alchemy, the ability to influence events through the use of Evocative Alchemy, Establishing a connection with the Forces that inhabit different Spiritual Ecosystems, The Alchemy of the Chimeras, the ability to create Energy Forces useful for alchemical research. He’s also one of the creators of the Damanhurian Selfic jewelry - Oro Crea. Selfic Jewlery is an artistic medium that allows the expression of alchemical notions through the combination of metals and vital energies.

Tucano Noni

Tucano is a Damanhurian Teacher of Alchemy and Inner Harmonization. She’s also a Spiritual Healer, a Counselor and a Life Coach specialized in Hypnosis and Re-programming Techniques. She also offers Tarot and Seven Stones consultations which are traditional Damanhurian techniques of Divination. For over 20 years Tucano has been researching many different fields of the Damanhurian knowledge. She is part of the Way of the Oracle. Tucano studies and continues to research many different branches of Alchemy, such as: Rituality, the Alchemy of Time, the Alchemy of the Body, the Alchemy of the Emotions, the Alchemy of the states of Consciousness, Alchemical Readings, the connection between Alchemy and Art, Magic Tools, the Alchemy of the Elements, the connection between Alchemy and Sounds, Alchemy and Social Life, the Alchemy and Sexuality, Alchemy and Healing, Alchemy and Chimeras (subtle beings connected with Alchemists). Tucano has been a Spiritual Healer for 18 years. Amongst her treatments she offers Prana Healing Sessions and Selfic treatments with the use of Selfic tools such as the Spheroself, the Stiloself, and the Slittino.

Goura Loto

Goura is the co-creator and instructor of the Damanhur School of Alchemy and Rituality, a transformational travel coach, tour guide of the Temples of Humankind and a facilitator of personal and group meditations. For more than 16 years she was part of the Damanhurian Spiritual Way of the Monks/Nuns. She spent the first 11 years being a nun, fully embracing the discipline of this path to live Mysticism and the Sacredeness of one's potential. She currently continues to help and support Damanhur Magical Journeys all over the world. For over 10 years Goura has specialized in welcoming and guiding people from all over the world in the exploration of Damanhur Federation of Communities and its Temples of Humankind.She became a student of Alchemy and Rituality many years ago, studying directly with Falco Tarassaco, the main founder and inspirer of Damanhur. She continues to learn the theoretical and practical sciences of these subjects with her research group comprised of passionate people like herself.

Gazza Solidago

Damanhur Federation of Communities Traveling and meeting different people have always been Gazza’s passion, together with a profound longing for spirituality. When she discovered Damanhur, Gazza found what she was looking for. Since 1986, she has been a full member of the Damanhur Federation, working towards the realisation of the social and spiritual dream of Damanhur, including the construction of the Temples of Humankind. Gazza studied Alchemy and Rituality directly with Falco Tarassaco, learning the theoretical and practical science of these subjects for over 20 years. She is a Member of the Oracle of Damanhur, and a Spiritual Healer, practicing the Damanhurian method of Pranatherapy. Gazza founded Damanhur’s Welcome Office and has welcomed people from all over the world and worked extensively organising and teaching courses in Damanhur centres abroad. Her interests include prophecy, alchemy, and sociology with a magical vision of life. Gazza is a Teacher of the Damanhurian School of Meditation, School of Alchemy, and Reawakening of the Inner Senses.

Raganella Lilium

Raganella became a member of the Community in 1993. She is a Spiritual Healer and she researches and studies other disciplines such as Inner Harmonization, Sacred Dance and Metratura - a Damanhurian technique of meditation. During various research trips with Falco and other members of the community she was able to experiment and discover many fascinating topics, like Selfica. For many years she was in charge of organizing events and group dynamics for the Damanhurian Way of the Game of Life - an important social sphere for the community. Today, in addition to being a Healer, she welcomes and guides guests to visit the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Wood. She’s a researcher of the Subtle Organs and a teacher of the Inner Senses course, the Damanhurian School of Meditation and the School of Alchemy. She’s also part of the Way of the Oracle. Her field of research and her teachings are focused on: Metratura, the Sacred Dance, Divination, Theurgical Magic, Alchemy and Rituality. She’s convinced that the perfect recipe to become a good Alchemist is to fall in love with the research and to play the game of life with others, in order to discover and learn something new every day.