Communication with the Plant World

Nature is all around. You see trees in the park and water your houseplants, but how connected are you really to the plant world? What if you could dialogue with plants and trees? Researchers at Damanhur began pondering this question forty years ago when they started experimenting with plant communication. They have since discovered that plants have feelings, memory and intricate methods of communication. They can even create music! The course covers aspects of how to perceive the vital rhythm of plants and enter into dialogue with them. This communication can be experienced in various ways, all of which are explored in the program: through art and music, by dreaming with trees, and by communicating with them up close and at a distance. Participants will learn various techniques for making an in-depth connection with trees through and beyond the five senses; they will learn a series of exercises. Participants will also discover that they can communicate with trees and plants both “in-person” and across vast distances via a surrogate.
· June 29, 2021
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