The Prophecies of Falco Tarassaco

1976: a young incarnated Master. only 26 years old, at the moment of his maximum commitment to build a new reality – Damanhur, which aspires to be a revolutionary civilization – writes among his earliest works a collection of prophecies that describe the apocalyptic conclusion of the current era, already starting from the ‘70s. Why? And how is it possible, precisely at the dawn of the age of Aquarius and the powerful planetary renewals he announces? The Prophecies of Falco speak only of events on another plane of existence or, as he himself said: “their purpose is to give a suggestion and help a very short time before the realization of the predicted things, and to prepare those who have managed to understand for the following ones’? While Damanhur is projected in conquering its duration in time and in the future of the next 600 years and the planet encounters a significant acceleration in the occurrence of the events that appear to be described in the Prophecies, we will try to answer these and many other questions, to obtain useful information to frame our near future.