The path to the mysteries: discovering one’s own mission


The Mystery School is a journey to discover oneself and the reality around us, based on the magical-spiritual vision of Falco Tarassaco and on the experience of Damanhur.
The aim of the School is to enable each student to recognize the basic questions of existence and find the answers most suitable to them. According to Falco Tarassaco’s teaching, important questions are often hidden behind appearances and knowing how to identify them is a first fundamental step towards Awareness. How vast is the reality around us? How rich is the world within us? What are the keys to understanding life and its meanings? And we, human beings, where do we come from and why? What’s our story? The answers may be the result of experience and personal choices, but they need to be guided through adequate preparation. The Mystery School provides the tools to relate questions and answers, and thus give direction to one’s life. To do this, it proposes a journey articulated over several years, based on seminars that touch on multiple aspects relating to our human nature, to disciplines to know oneself and one’s talents, to the laws governing the universe and to many elements of Damanhurian knowledge. Over the course of the four years, topics such as the structure of the human soul and how to heal its discomforts are presented, each individual’s energetic reality, the laws of the universe, the unknown history of humanity, the development of mediumship, life in the deep universe: pieces of a mosaic that makes up our ability to know, evolve, feel good. At the end of the course, the student reaches an awareness of himself and of his life history that allows him to give greater strength to his choices – personal, spiritual, artistic, professional … – and to approach his own happiness through them.


First year: self-discovery

The first step towards awareness is to know yourself. The beginning of the MS offers a series of basic level courses that touch the following areas:

In particular we will explore:

  • Astral Travel level 1
  • Alien civilizations and pre-Atlantic history
  • Inner Harmonization level 1: Breathing and sound
  • Philosophy and spiritual physics level 1: The structure of Reality, the Universe, the human being
  • Past Lives Research, level 1 and 2
  • The ways of the dream level 1: Interpreting the dream messages
  • Discovering oneself through divination
  • How to find the Inner Answers
  • Awakening the Inner Senses

Second year: self empowerment

The second step is to center, give strength and value to oneself, without presumption but with the awareness of one’s own possibilities.
  • Philosophy and Spiritual Physics level 2: The Nature of Time, Time Empires, Planes of Reality
  • Inner Harmonization level 2: Color and Aura
  • The Paths of Dream level 2: The Art of Driving the Dream
  • History of Atlantis
  • Past Lives Research level 3
  • Astral travel level 2 and 3
  • Inner Personalities level 1: The most important facets of the self
  • Transformation of Memories: Rewriting one’s own timeline
  • Enhancement of the Microlines

Third year: the life mission

The life of each of us has a purpose that in part we choose, in part it comes from our past lives, in part it is indicated by the universe. It’s time to find out.
  • Philosophy and Spiritual Physics level 3 and 4: The new divine covenant, alchemy, selfica and magical technology
  • Inner Harmonization level 3: The happy positions
  • History from Atlantis to today: The evolution project of Humanity
  • Past Lives Research level 4 and 5
  • Guiding Emotions and Using Lateral Thinking
  • Inner Personalities level 2: Towards the Happy Integration of the Self
  • Nurturing Memories: Creating Your Future Timeline
  • On the Trail of the Mission

Fourth year: the magic of Damanhur

The teachings of Falco Tarassaco, founder of Damanhur, developed within the spiritual communities of which he is the spiritual guide, show us a path of self-realization and connection with our divine nature, through ten new courses.

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