Gnomo Orzo

In Damanhur dal 1988, ricerca e insegna nel campo della Filosofia e Fisica Spirituale, è esperto del mito di Atlantide ed è un guaritore spirituale.

Gnomo Orzo is one of the passionate researchers of Spiritual Physics, as well as an instructor of courses. Spiritual Physics is a vast field of research that explains the creation of forms and of life from the point of view of the spiritual energies that pervade the universe.

From 1994 – Present

Trainer and teacher in the learning of Spiritual Physics and Group Management.
Teacher of Damanhur Meditation
Teacher of Damanhur Spiritual Physics
Teacher of Ancient Civilizations of Humankind and Pre-Atlantean Civilizations
Damanhur Prana healer

Author of “How many holes does a ring have?


From 2014 – dec 2018

Director of Damanhur Embassy in The Nederland
Damanhur ambassador in the Nederland.