Goura Loto

Goura is the co-creator and instructor of the Damanhur School of Alchemy and Rituality, a transformational travel coach, tour guide of the Temples of Humankind and a facilitator of personal and group meditations. For more than 16 years she was part of the Damanhurian Spiritual Way of the Monks/Nuns. She spent the first 11 years being a nun, fully embracing the discipline of this path to live Mysticism and the Sacredeness of one’s potential. She currently continues to help and support Damanhur Magical Journeys all over the world. For over 10 years Goura has specialized in welcoming and guiding people from all over the world in the exploration of Damanhur Federation of Communities and its Temples of Humankind.She became a student of Alchemy and Rituality many years ago, studying directly with Falco Tarassaco, the main founder and inspirer of Damanhur. She continues to learn the theoretical and practical sciences of these subjects with her research group comprised of passionate people like herself.