Raganella Lilium

Raganella became a member of the Community in 1993.
She is a Spiritual Healer and she researches and studies other disciplines such as Inner Harmonization, Sacred Dance and Metratura – a Damanhurian technique of meditation.
During various research trips with Falco and other members of the community she was able to experiment and discover many fascinating topics, like Selfica.
For many years she was in charge of organizing events and group dynamics for the Damanhurian Way of the Game of Life – an important social sphere for the community.
Today, in addition to being a Healer, she welcomes and guides guests to visit the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Wood.
She’s a researcher of the Subtle Organs and a teacher of the Inner Senses course, the Damanhurian School of Meditation and the School of Alchemy.
She’s also part of the Way of the Oracle.
Her field of research and her teachings are focused on: Metratura, the Sacred Dance, Divination, Theurgical Magic, Alchemy and Rituality.
She’s convinced that the perfect recipe to become a good Alchemist is to fall in love with the research and to play the game of life with others, in order to discover and learn something new every day.