Ragno Lattuga

Ragno Lattuga has lived in the Spiritual Community of Damanhur for over 22 years.
He’s undertaken various training paths about different topics, such as Spiritual Healing and several different branches of Alchemy.
He’s been teaching Theurgic Magic for over twenty years and he’s part of the Way of the Oracle – a Damanhurian field connected to the Art of Divination.
He is the co-creator and the director of the School of Alchemy and Rituality.
In Alchemy his field of research and his teachings are focused on: Temporal Alchemy, the ability to influence events through the use of Evocative Alchemy, Establishing a connection with the Forces that inhabit different Spiritual Ecosystems, The Alchemy of the Chimeras, the ability to create Energy Forces useful for alchemical research.
He’s also one of the creators of the Damanhurian Selfic jewelry – Oro Crea.
Selfic Jewlery is an artistic medium that allows the expression of alchemical notions through the
combination of metals and vital energies.